At Florida Counseling Centers, medication is not the first line of defense against emotional distress. Our professional staff always starts from the perspective that our clients can get healthy by turning the insight achieved in counseling into action in your everyday life. However, there are times when our clients go forward faster with the help of a medication that addresses the physical symptoms that are created by mental health problems like depression or anxiety. Your psychiatric nurse practitioner at the Florida Counseling Centers will help you understand whether or not there is a need for medications and then work with you to find the best medication with the fewest side effects.


In order to better help our clients, we believe it is important to first have a very thorough understanding of the nature of the problems they are encountering.  This can be accomplished by assessing a client’s psychological, social, relational, and spiritual functioning.  Our psychologists are trained to quickly and accurately identify emotional, educational, and cognitive problems by using various psychological tests.  With any testing battery we conduct, our focus is on recommendations that will facilitate the counseling process or other interventions that will address the root of the identified problems.  Our psychologists can test for:

– General Personality Functioning

– Academic Functioning

– Intelligence Testing

– ADHD Testing

– Learning Disorders