Matrix Intensives was designed to create change in people’s lives in a short amount of time. 3 to 7 days intensives are grounded in evidence-based interventions, set in foreign and domestic locations, and are delivered by highly qualified licensed mental health professionals, wellness professionals,  and field strategists.

Our Philosophy 

Current research is showing more and more evidence that new experiences are required for a person to change. Often people have the knowledge of what needs to change without the experience to solidify that knowledge. Intensives allow for all of these important factors to come together and create the breakthrough that people are searching for.



People in Recovery- 7 Day

$3500 per person  (covers flights, transportation, lodging, activities, meals)

Couples Intensive- 5 Day

$3400 per couple (covers transportation, lodging, activities, meals)

Growth & Leadership, North Carolina- 5 Day

 $1800 per person (covers transportation, lodging, , meals, materials)

Pornography & Sexual Addiction- 3 Day

$1500 per person (includes meals, materials)

People in Recovery, North Carolina- 5 Day

$1800 per person (includes transportation, lodging, meals,  materials)

Financial Aid

Matrix Intensives is able to assist in financial aid through a mixture of scholarships, sliding scale fees, and peer-to-peer fundraising platforms. Payment plans and assistance with insurance reimbursements are also available upon request.

We will do what we can to prevent costs from getting in the way of your change. Please contact us for more information at