Executive coaching brings out the best in people. Executive coaching improves an organization’s greatest asset by helping executives learn and make the most of that learning.

As is currently practiced, executive coaching appears to be an eclectic mix of concepts and methods that are being applied by a variety of consultants who have accepted assignments to work with individual executives. However, at Florida Counseling Centers, we see executive coaching as a behaviorally based intervention designed to help highly placed executives and organizations change and grow.

Our executive coaches will help you improve your performance through guidance, support and encouragement. While other coaches might try to come in as “experts” and tell you about your marketing, sales, or production, our coaches will help you focus on developing the ability to get from where you are to where you want to be professionally by developing your relational awareness. Our executive coaches come to you with training and experience in psychology as well as with training and experience in business.

Most of us have suffered through cliché “team building” exercises at some point in our professional lives. Most of the time, the team would be better served by taking the afternoon off! In an effort to add true value to your team, we focus our team building seminars on one foundational idea that every team will function more effectively if individual team members have a better understanding of each other as people. Our team coaches specialize in team dynamics and effectiveness of a team. They develop an ongoing relationship with both the team and the individual executives.

While it is tempting to use “quick and dirty” personality measures (like the “DISC” or “Myers-Briggs”) to assess a team’s functioning, we use powerful psychological tests that will cut to the heart of your team’s personality with the precision and accuracy of a scalpel. By using more extensive testing, we are able to help team members better understand how to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, how to minimize inter-office conflict, and how to adjust expectations based on personality styles.

One of the most important tasks of a Board of Directors is CEO succession. Nothing matters more to an organization than the selection of its leadership. This is an event that should be planned in a proactive manner, not acted upon in a reactive way. With that in mind, our leadership consultants work with boards to proactively plan for CEO succession over a three to five year period as well as help boards prepare for emergency CEO succession.

Leadership is simply about influence. The ability to lead an organization, a team, or a work group depends upon your ability to influence others to grow in a positive direction and to perform at their peak level. And naturally, we can only influence others to the extent that we are willing to invest in them. So rather than help you learn fancy leadership techniques that are focused on manipulation, our goal is to work with you to develop a culture in your organization that is focused on developing strengths in others, empowering creativity, and fostering work-life balance.

Since leadership is all about influence and investment, our emphasis during the coaching process is to help you develop a keen understanding of the interpersonal style of the major players in your professional life. We will work with you to develop a model of leadership through coaching that is specific to your organization and then create a learning experience with your team that will help them learn how to produce a culture of coaching.

How do your leaders lead? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Should you promote a team member to a supervisory position? With assessment tools like the “Leadership Practices Inventory®” and the “16PF®”, we can help pinpoint those areas your leaders excel and identify those areas where change would be beneficial. We can also help you determine if a team member would be a valuable leader.

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