• Fear and Control: The Answer is Surrender

    One of the most interesting aspects of a psychology practice is the ebb and flow of my patients’ emotional regulation. There are times when people have personal situations and even biological predispositions that create an increase in the severity of the symptoms they experience day to day.  For instance, specific situations, like the break up Continue Reading

  • Beauty Out of the Ashes

    Can beauty come out of the ashes? That’s a question many of us are asking as we look squarely at the devastation the Coronavirus has wrought in our country.  It really does seem like the world is on fire as we watch the death toll rise, the economy crash, and the grind of the quarantine Continue Reading

  • Fix What’s Perfect

    You have two choices: You can hire the Valedictorian of the senior class at Harvard or the guy who just barely scraped by at the bottom of Harvard’s latest graduating class. What’s it going to be? When presented with these options, most people say they would jump at the chance to hire the Valedictorian. Believe Continue Reading

  • Coronavirus shopping: Why your brain makes you hoard and how to fix it

    Just a few weeks ago as many of us were doing life as usual, it seemed as if the stability of our world was fairly certain. The economy was roaring. The stock market was strong. Everything seemed steady. Unremarkable. Predictable. Then, a new strain of coronavirus called COVID-19 changed everything. In a matter of one Continue Reading

  • The Zone

    It was June of 1992 and the Portland Trailblazers were pulling ahead of the Chicago Bulls in game 1 of the NBA Championship. As a Bulls fan, I was flat out nervous because it seemed as if the game was slipping away from my team. Coach Phil Jackson called a time-out to inspire his Bulls to Continue Reading

  • “Why Me?”

    Over the years, I’ve seen an incredibly diverse collection of issues and problems of living that my clients encounter daily. We live in a broken world and the amount of pain that people experience is truly staggering at times. Divorce, the loss of a job, the betrayal of a lover, the list of things that Continue Reading

  • Hope for a New Year

    It’s hard to find a more hopeful time of the year than the Christmas season. We are all just different in the four weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. People spend more time with family, smile more often at total strangers while shopping at the mall, and even sing hopeful Christmas songs at any given Continue Reading

  • Practical Gratitude

    It’s Thanksgiving, which means we all have a chance to step back from the chaos of the daily grind and express gratitude for the many blessings of our life. The practice of gratitude has been studied by psychologists for years and this body of research shows that being grateful can increase the quality of your Continue Reading