• Behavioral Activation: Ways to begin to get out of anxiety and depression

    A client, we will call Timothy, made an initial appointment with me at Florida Counseling Centers several years ago to talk about his struggle with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Timothy’s story was not all that unusual in many ways. He struggled to sleep through the night, his appetite was off, his thoughts about his Continue Reading

  • 2021-The Year of Redemption

    2021 – The Year of Redemption Most of us have known someone who has been through a significant trauma that caused symptoms of PTSD and many of us have even experienced this kind of trauma personally.  The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) states that this “Big-T Trauma” is caused by exposure to Continue Reading

  • Are you proud of your behavior?

    Several years ago, my wife and I took our kids to the beach on a beautiful Florida afternoon. We decided it might be nice to take a walk as a family, so we gathered all three kids and started a leisurely stroll together. My wife and I walked side by side as we spoke with Continue Reading

  • Love: The most powerful force in the world

    I want to tell you about three conversations I have had over the last several weeks that capture the current spirit of our times in fairly dramatic fashion.  The first conversation was with a young man enrolled as a senior in a local high school who was concerned about all the changes and challenges presented Continue Reading

  • The Coronavirus Comeback

    It was Game 1 of the 1995 NBA Eastern Conference Finals and the Indiana Pacers were down 6 points to the New York Knicks with just 18 seconds left.  It looked like Reggie Miller’s Pacers would surely lose the battle and go in to game 2 having lost a heartbreaker.  Then, the miraculous happened.  It Continue Reading

  • Back to School : COVID Edition

    In the next few weeks, children all over the country will be returning to school during one of the most unusual and challenging times of our generation.  Although there is still a debate on whether or not this is a prudent idea at this point, the reality is the return to school is an inevitability.  Regardless Continue Reading

  • Emotional Impact of COVID-19

    As COVID 19 continues to linger across our nation, the effects of the virus are becoming clear.  While the physical toll the virus takes on those afflicted is obvious, we are starting to see how quarantine and “shelter in place” orders have affected people in a myriad of different ways.  Perhaps not surprisingly, I am Continue Reading

  • Cultural Borderline Personality Style

    Let’s imagine that a client named Linda walks into my clinical office complaining about emotional instability and difficulty with interpersonal relationships.  As I conduct my assessment, I ask her to describe her emotional reactivity and she recounts numerous instances in which she is sad, irritable, and anxious in reaction to day-to-day events.  Usually her emotional Continue Reading