• Is it Time to Turn Around?

    We just finished an epic night-skiing session and were preparing for our 20-minute drive back to the cabin we rented in the mountains.  I pulled up the address of the cabin on Google Maps and requested directions home.  Simple process, right?  Not really, considering I was presented with two options.  Option one sent us back Continue Reading

  • Relax

    Riding a motorcycle at 110 mph down the interstate…too dangerous.  Group break dancing in the office…too dated.  Doing a Richard Simmons video in your living room…that might leave your family wondering if they should call 911.  While these activities might relieve some of your stress, the most important element of a less-stressed life is relaxation. Continue Reading

  • Strategy for Change

      It’s hard to believe, but the new year is upon us! Soon we will be sitting down with family and friends celebrating all the promise and excitement a new year brings.  We get a new start based on the hope that our life can change for the better and even the most cynical among Continue Reading

  • Everybody Gets A Trophy

    We were down 27 to 28 with only a few seconds left on the clock in the first game of a single elimination tournament.  It was win or go home and even though I was only coaching ten-year-old basketball, the stakes seemed incredibly high. Some of the kids on the bench were jumping up and Continue Reading

  • Marine Turned Counselor, Combats Mental Health in Brevard

    Adrian Marquez’ heroic story began back in June of 2000 when he joined the Marine Corps.  His superiors quickly realized that Adrian was an unusual soldier who was gifted with unique physical and mental qualities that would allow him to make a significant contribution in intense and complicated combat situations.  Over the next 16 years Continue Reading

  • Florida Counseling Centers Joins Forces with Addiction Treatment Leader JourneyPure

      Where The River Meets The Road NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JourneyPure, a leading provider of addiction treatment services for patients from across the nation, today announced the combination of Florida Counseling Centers, which operates outpatient centers in Central Florida, with JourneyPure Holdings, Inc. Through inpatient facilities, outpatient centers and proprietary coaching services and technologies, JourneyPure delivers a full continuum of integrated, high quality Continue Reading

  • Worth The Risk?

          One look at your Facebook feed and you will quickly see that the Supreme Court has struck down a law prohibiting gambling on sporting events.  Everyone from amateur sports fans to ESPN and the New York Times are weighing in on who will win as a result of the ruling. Some see Continue Reading

  • More Not Less, Forgiveness

    My pastor told a story during his sermon that I thought was incredibly relevant for our world today. As the story goes, Thomas Edison finished a prototype of the lightbulb and allowed a boy to carry it to the gallery to be inspected by the public. As the boy hurried to deliver the new invention to Continue Reading