• Response to the South Florida School Shooting

    Another school shooting has yielded new fears for the safety of our children and more questions about how we should respond as a nation to what amounts to a crisis of violence.  One quick glance at your Twitter feed or your Facebook account will yield a myriad of opinions about what we should do next. Continue Reading

  • Selfie Culture Needs to Find Purpose

     My wife and I were at a party several weeks ago and decided that it would be incredibly important to take a quick selfie so that we could post about our evening on all the social media platforms. It felt as if it would be almost disrespectful to the Facebook gods if we didn’t share Continue Reading

  • Goals

    I sat in my clinical office one Friday afternoon feeling utterly helpless as I hung up the phone after talking with my friend.  Two weeks earlier I had referred him to an addictions treatment center a few hours away so that his son could get a good jump start on his recovery from an addiction Continue Reading

  • Gratefulness

        Every holiday season, I enter Thanksgiving with the best of intentions.  I always have this strong desire to spend more time with my family, capture moments of real joy, and appreciate the many blessings I so often take for granted.  Unfortunately, I usually get stuck somewhere along the way feeling stressed by the Continue Reading

  • Achieving the ‘Awe’ Experience

    I walked into the delivery room with my wife 15 years ago with little awareness of what was about to happen.  I knew we were about to have our first baby but I had no idea what effect that little baby boy would have on me.  As I held him in my arms for the Continue Reading

  • What Rats Can Teach Us About Getting ‘Unstuck’

    Have you ever wondered why some people are able to change their diet and exercise habits and lose significant amounts of weight while other people get stuck in negative lifestyle choices that keep them overweight and unhealthy?  Why are some people able to stop the party lifestyle after college and live productive adult lives while Continue Reading

  • Thoughtful Eating vs. Emotional Eating

    So I had a rough day a few weeks ago.  Nothing major happened, just a long day at the office with lots of surprises.  Luckily, I had a big date planned with my wife later in the evening that served as reminder that relief was coming if I could just make it to 5:00.  I Continue Reading

  • Are You an Enabling Parent?

    I’ll never forget the moment I stood in the delivery room holding our baby boy in my arms for the first time.  He stared at me intently as if to ask, “What the heck just happened?”  I stared back at him with an emotion I had never quite experienced: the incredible hope of a parent. Continue Reading