Patrick is a triple board certified psychotherapist (Florida Certification Board, APA, Department of Health) and attributes his success to his clinical approach. He believes in a client-centered model that individualizes treatment to meet the client’s needs.  By using this empathic approach, one is able to establish a healthy relationship that fosters healing.  Patrick supervised, created  highly recognized treatment facilities in South Florida and worked with many successful practitioners. Patrick believes in working closely with the clients and their families.  In order to ensure that his clinical milieu is adopted by the entire organization, he has supervised the community housing, case management staff, and life coaches to ensure that all points of contact are consistent. Patrick was also able to pass accreditation and state audits with an exemplary score and received accolades. Patrick worked as a Substance Abuse Licensing Specialist for DCF for two years. He has worked in the field for over 20 years and has an impeccable track record. The staff that has worked with him are enthusiastic and dedicated to client care.  He believes that a sign of good leadership is working as a team and being solution focused.  Patrick believes in “cutting edge treatment” and that he and his staff will continue to revolutionize the industry.